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Hi my name is Andy Smith and I am a Personal Trainer based in Milton Keynes. I have been training for over 25 years and have excelled in a number of sports, both team and individual.


I come from a bodybuilding background where I competed at national level. My passion for resistance training continues combined with my vast knowledge base in cardiovascular based training and excercise.

I am really passionate in advising my clients on learning correct technique and form as I firmly believe this is the base for developing a physique without risking injury.


I am a firm believer in nutrition being the most important aspect on a client developing their physique, whether it be weight loss or hypertrophy, which will promote a much healthier lifestyle.


My Qualifications:

- Level 2 Gym Instructor

- Level 3 Personal Trainer

- Level 3 Nutritional Advisor

- Metabolic Effect Level 3 Nutritional Consultant

- Advanced Nutritional Advisor For Physical              


- Advanced Nutritional Advisor For Weight    


- Kettlebell Instructor

- Master Kettlebell Instructor

-Youth Exercise Specialist

- Self Defence Instructor


- First Aider


- Circuits 


- Core Strength


- Plyometrics


- Strength And Conditioning


- Postural Alignment Analysis And Correction

- Functional Training

- Hiit Training


All sessions take place in an elite, fully equipped Personal Training studio in Linford Wood, Milton Keynes.


I firmly believe that training should be fun. No two Personal Training sessions will ever be the same as I look to progress you at every meet.




Personal Training

Benefits of working with a Personal Trainer:


What I can do for you:


  • Initial free consultation to discuss your needs.


  • Record body composition and conduct fitness assessment which gives a good base for progression.


  • Analyse your current eating habits then apply changes nutritionally to assist you in your new lifestyle and to reach your goals.


  • As a partnership we will look to set short, medium and long term goals.


  • Develop a unique training plan with ongoing adaptions to progress and meet your goals.


  • Full support within your session and out.





Group Training

If you feel that one to one is not for you, then why not train with friends or family. Benefits of this are reduced cost but still recieve all the benefits of working with a Personal Trainer. Please contact me for more information.


If group excercise is for you, then why not attend one of the many classes at Total Fitness MK. Total Fitness MK is an elite training facility here in Milton Keynes providing classes from Spin Cycling to Circuit Training to Boxfit etc. Please contact for more information.



  • Personal Training


  • Fat Loss For Men


  • Fat Loss For Women





Weight Loss



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